The purpose towards location (apart from homes an excellent hostage)

The purpose towards location (apart from homes an excellent hostage)

Inside the 1228, it would appear that which exact same Clemence and her partner Nicholas was basically selected for child custody away from Joanna and you can Llywelyn's child Susanna (old in the 14?). is apparently on youngster become raised in a safe and you will safe ecosystem into the opportunity for a much better studies. your situation was indeed being remaining from their own. The fresh new custodial offer try of the Queen Henry III, half-aunt so you're able to Joanna and half-buddy to help you Susanna, the decree called Susanna, Henry's ‘niece' and you can Joanna, Henry's ‘sister'.'

A concern now poses itself. In the event the Joanna try the fresh new daughter of Clemence le Boteler, away from, apparently a keen English household, how do we explain what Joanna is creating in France whenever Queen John sent for their unique within the 1203? One you can response is that Clemence's father, Philip ce Boteler are French, as opposed to English. It had been quite common at that time for all of us to hang attributes to the both parties of one's Route. So it ed their dilies compared to English parents during this period.

The actual only real book where I have discovered a regard to Clemence Pinel – partner from Henry Pinel (other than Charles Cawley when you look at the Wikipedia) is in Alison Weir's ‘England's Regal Family members: The whole Genealogy (London, 1989).' Which guide was indexed because of the you to genealogist just like the ‘not very fully annotated.' My trawl from genealogy and family history message boards discovered scant reference on Pinel family unit members, also Clemence's partner Henry Pinel. Multiple records recommend that Joanna are the new daughter away from Henry Pinel and his awesome spouse Clemence, but zero supplies, capable of being looked, are offered. I'm for this reason tempted to dismiss this woman off next research. I could end up being really wrong.

Amount off Mortain, when you look at the Normandy, understood away from their unique [and maybe

Clemence de- Fougers are the newest cousin out of Richard de Hommet, Constable of Normandy, and you may Geoffrey de- Fougeres.

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